Sunday Stash #8 – Thousands of Freaks

This post should have me up with Sunday Stash. Have you visited Tam or the other players?

Okay today’s piece was also found in Nippori Textile Town. It was in a little shop called Mihama Cloth. All the fabric is precut and the prices are pretty good. Was very :( that I only had ¥1000 left when I stumbled on this place on the way back to the station. Oh the beautiful linens that were not to be… Oh a quick word on Nippori, it is NOT child friendly and strictly NO prams/strollers are allowed inside. Not at all child friendly.

What do you think of my “Thousands of Freaks”?? I spent a good deal of glancing to find squirrels that were not cute and slightly freaky. Not saying who they are for but will not be surprised if they guess. It has taken me MONTHS to find the just right fabric for… ;)

Okay time to go back to bed, die a little more and rest up. S has shaken his gastro, Miss CT’s cough is on the mend. Me?? I don’t have time to be sick but I feel cold (yeap at 85 F I feel cold), and I feel the panadol wearing off, the body aches.

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  1. 1

    Apryl said,

    adorable squirrel fabric.. love it… if you end up with a small scrap spare send it my way!

    *hugs* have a good rest and feel better soon!

  2. 2

    applecyder said,

    These squirrels make me think of Claudia in Canada, who has been obsessing about squirrels lately!

    Hope everyone in your home has recovered from the illness. Sounded horrible.

  3. 3

    smoothpebble said,

    Yep, totally Claudia! Hope the family is on the mend, but seriously no whinging – it’s 10 F. here. In other words freeeeeezzzzzingg!!

  4. 4

    Miss Behave said,

    Uhh I love the squirrels! I wish I could find something like this here.
    As fot the sewing basekt, I bet it woud look great with a lot of legos in it :)

  5. 5

    Cornelia said,


    I love the squirrel fabric and the fact there is a place called textile town!

    Hope you feel better soon, I’ll e-mail you about the owl swap!


  6. 6

    threesneakybugs said,

    OK, last comment of the day I promise. I just must say that this fabric is adorable!!! I especially like the blue/purple/green combo.

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