Eghads! I actually managed to sew something people. I haven’t sewn/cut out ANYTHING since I started back at work in July. It helped soothe me on that mental health day I took. Miss CT was in desperate need of pjs and I have had this lovely knit fabric in the stash since summer 2007. Originally, i planned to make CT a fancy schmancy onsie with ruffles out of this fabric. Ki the demon overlocker killed that idea. Seeing that we tolerate each other, I figured that trying any fancy moves was not a good move without Donnie the machine whisperer around.

So on Wednesday, CT and I found a new rhythm. The how mummy can sew while CT is awake. My cunning plan included a display book folder full of patterns, a pair of saftey scissors that cut nothing (it’s the thought that counts, no? Besides in CT’s world she was cutting out her pjs like a pro) and a pin cushion (because everyone needs a pin official, no?). The pattern is the same as this one but I didn’t have enough for a pair of pants, so the shirt is longer. I added pockets (it’s easier to see if you look at a larger size at Flickr) and used ribbing instead of elastic around the neck.  Gathering knit fabrics is not so easy but I like the overall effect and so does CT. Mental note to self, CT doesn’t pose for clothing photos anymore. The hair? Yes, she’s had a haircut last Saturday and it was all her idea. Sniff, I miss the pretty hair already.

OMG I just realised a month after I wrote the post, that I forgot to post it… EGADS alright!!

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    smoothpebble said,

    Hi Anna,
    I’ve just been flipping through your posts. Can’t believe how long CT’s hair is getting. Are you gearing up for the holidays in Australia? I have been avoiding the computer so as to get things done around here. The longer I stay away the harder it is to make myself blog…..hmmmm, wonder if that’s an inner voice I should pay attention to.
    I have missed my blog friends though! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, happy New Year!

  2. 2

    Pauline said,

    Hi Anna,

    How are you? Was hoping that you could come over during last Christmas, but seems that you are really busy. Any other way to get in touch with you, other than here and email? Is your old email hacked and still can’t work?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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