Wow changes, ala that retro song (might I suggest you listen as you read?? because this what I am listening to as I type), mind blowing changes, positive changes have been happening around here….

What a year, a changes in domestic arrangements, changes in living environments, change in employment status (4 times over peeps), changes in the CT, changes in mind-set, changes in career… Lots of changes…. But all good!!

Twenty-ten changes?? Let’s start with new Sew What aliases inspired by CT. Here at Sew What headquarters, we have all embraced our inner Wiggle (though with much protest from the adults in the household) and Dorothy the Dinosaur (aka CT) has given each of us a secret Wiggle idenity.  I am no longer, Mummy. The new moniker in these parts is Captain Feathersword (or the Captain for short). Donnie is now Henry the Octopus,  Happy is the Purple Wiggle and CT is Dorothy the Dinosaur. If you do a little wiggly research (yes, there is new secret lingo franca to learn too), you may learn why we have new super secret wiggly identities.

You are probably wondering why my hiatus has been so long and it has nothing to do with the following photo:

A few might be thinking big deal you have dyed your hair. This is a first for me. A major communication brain fart between me and my new hairdresser. I love it, even though it took me a whole month to get used to the new colour. No more deaf, dumb and blonde for me. No way Jose. Can’t afford to use that excuse in my life for at the next 2 years. Why?

Might I introduce exhibit b (stage right)? Might I also say that each time I look at exhibit b, I feel like hyperventilating? Firstly because I look like an absolute pyscho kitten in the photo. More importantly though, I am a Masters Student (coursework not research)! I didn’t think I could pull it off!! At the end of last year, I realised 2 things a) I would struggle to find another teaching position as a Japanese teacher (too many teachers for too few places) and b) I missed working with “little people”. I thought it was too late to apply for first semester this year at uni, until I went to a street party and talked with a neighbour, which got this whole ball rolling. I wasn’t officially enrolled until the 15th of February (orientation was on the 20th and 21st) and classes started on Monday. Ah I am so excited about the study and the change in direction. It isn’t that I dislike Japanese teaching but I have changed. Ironically my first course paper is more or less about I came to this point. 

So the hiatus was more than a summer fling, I was so scared I would jinx this course. Naturally there has been making going on behind the scenes and there will be plenty inspired by this change in career direction. Apologies for being so super secret squirrel about it all but I couldn’t trust myself to let the cat out of the bag only to be tripped up at the final hurdle. Well must run, now off to find a qualitative research paper on a subject close to my heart regarding EC (Early Childhood) Teaching. So it is a cheery tootle-loo from me to you. :D

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  1. 1

    Christina said,

    Congratulations! I am so proud of you! I hope that I have the courage to go back and finish up my BS one day and then maybe i’ll think about the masters. :)

  2. 2

    jen said,

    i just love this photo! i love the hair, i love the necklace, i love the camera, but most of all i love the smile – you look so happy! and it’s so wonderful to see that smile and to read your excitement in all of the positive changes…. it makes me giddy!

    • 3

      Ayama said,

      Hi There Jen,

      I still owe you an email. Just busy trying to organise myself with this new course…. :D Can I tell you a funny thing about that necklace?? Originally when I saw it in Singapore, I bought it for you and then CT tried to claim it from me. In the end I claimed it for me. So glad you like it and hope this doesn’t sound like a suck eggs situation. I really love those coconut husks. (I get cheap thrills singing that Lion King song about having a pair of coconuts as I wear it too… :P). The camera is Purple Wiggles but in 15 more kilos, I am so going to buy myself a very similar one (well that’s the promise I made to myself before finances became real tight for me….). But it is all good. And what isn’t there to smile about. If you keep thinking the glass is half empty darn it it is. Mine is half full to brimming. Roll on the good times and all the challenges it brings.



      Ps Happy Hump Day!!!!!

  3. 4

    Pauline Perh said,

    Nice hair style, nice colour and nice smile :) I’m happy for your positive changes.

    • 5

      Ayama said,

      Hi Pauline,

      Thanks for the hair loving. I really do like the hair cut but man the colour took sooooo long to get used to. All the changes are positive and I am so happy with all the forks in the road that have lead me here (though not always pleasant living through). Just saw that poor mangled purse frame. What happened?? It looks like whirlwind Anna hit….

      Big kiss to Han Han’s cheecky cheeks.



  4. 6

    smoothpebble said,

    Anna – I mean Captain – I think that haircolor looks fabulous on you darling! Just fabulous! And it goes so well with that huge face splitting smile which is also fabulous!
    Masters program – wishing you all the best. You will be such a good kindie teacher for sure! I can tell you are radiating such positive energy – Hooray for you, hooray for CT, hooray all around!!

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